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Back to the studio before Christmas break

So, I am delighted to again be offering on site yoga classes from 3rd December at Nine Springs for a couple of weeks before we break for christmas. As before booking is essential as numbers will be limited to allow for distancing. Please remind yourself if necessary of the guidelines attached further down.

Please make a note that as I will be taking a break:

There will not be any studio or Zoom classes between

21st December and 3rd January

Christmas can be a difficult time any year but this one will come, of course, with extra challenges.

I hope we can all be thankful for the simple things in life that we may have otherwise taken for granted.

I hope that those without family around them can feel the meditative peace that solitude can offer.

I hope that we can all enjoy the festivities in good health and with warm spirits.

A huge thank you to everyone I have the absolute pleasure to share yoga with.

Have a very Happy Christmas and New Year

I know we will all hope for a positive one in 2021!

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