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April Update

Ramblings from the yoga mat

As the spring flowers emerge in my garden, I have been enjoying the various aromas they produce.

Aroma evokes emotions and as well as memory, and often the two are connected. This is why essential oils are such a valuable tool for physical and emotional well being. They capture the very essence of plant wisdom and can be used to enhance yoga, meditation and massage in atomisers, incense or massage oil.

The molecules of fragrance in essential oils are extracted from plants that are inextricably linked with humans and animals alike. After all, plants make the very air we breathe and provide food for all living beings. Without them we would not exist, because of them we are alive. We think we know about plants and even tamper with their genes in an effort to improve on nature. We may be able to clone but we cannot create nature because there is more to life than we can know in our restricted and sometimes distorted view of the world.

Take time this month to enjoy the fragrances of flowers or treat yourself to some incense or oils to bring into your home or workspace.

For meditation choose Frankincense and/or Rose For work and focus choose rosemary and/or Lemon For relaxation choose lavender and/or Bergamot

New monthly restorative yoga class

Please book your place using the link above.

Please forward this email to friends and family so they might also enjoy some relaxation.

The time and day of this class will vary each month.

New time for Morning Zoom sessions in April

Starting on the 7th April the new time for the 20 minute morning sessions will be 7.40am

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